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All miners and other pool owners! Update your catcoin wallets to the latest
Windows wallet:
MAC wallet: TBA
WKC is being de-listed from GeekHash. If you have any coin, withdraw before 8-1-2015.

Due to the cost effectiveness of the Lease To Own units, I have decided to shut down that portion of GeekHash.

Those that have units have two options.

1) Pay the remainder of your unit in SLL or USD or BTC, and have it shipped to you.
2) Take the earnings you have earned, and forfeit the unit. If I do not hear from you, then I assume that you are going to just forfeit the unit.

All coins must fully complete their alloted confirms before they can be withdrawn!
Conversion from UNO to BTC has been removed.
Payouts have resumed.... For the thief that found the exploit, the coin would like to be returned to: 9aw3Ttiz5yMALUm2DUj748cCHYQLatwLPz
Google Authenticator has been added for extra security. To enable, click on "Web Account" and then click on "GA Login", and follow the directions to enable.

Bug has been "FIXED" with the hash rate calcuations. If you used the same worker across different coins, the hash rates would be wrong. It was only a cosmetic bug, and did not affect the actual counting for each coin.


If you have signed up, and have not received your activation email, please join the #GeekHash IRC channel on the Freenode IRC Network with this web IRC client: Web IRC Chat Or you can leave a message in Second Life to Blaksmith Rubble. and email servers apparently do not like emails from If you can, please use a different mail service.

Bitcoin, Catcoin, and Unobtanium coins are now able to be mined without a Second Life Account! The Payout Method (POM) of TProp (Target Proportional) is in beta testing finally!
You can do a "one-time" conversion from UNO to BTC, as well as the old SLL to BTC conversion at this time. I do not plan on allowing multiple converts between coin.
Due to a bug that I can not fix at this time, all UNO withdraws will have to be done manually. Please contact me on IRC if you want your UNO withdraw processed if I have missed it.
All conversions and withdraw options have been added to the "Account Options" page.

Due to timings of the share counting, the hash rate may show high every now and then.

Catcoin has been reduced to 0% fee until further notice.


About GeekHash

GeekHash is a Bitcoin, Catcoin, Unobtanium, and Wankcoin mining pool.

Bitcoin mining for Second Life Linden (Must have a Second Life avatar!)
Bitcoin mining for Bitcoin using Target Proportional (TProp) payout method.
Catcoin mining for Catcoin using Target Proportional (TProp) payout method.
Unobtanium mining for Unobtanium, which can be converted once to BTC, using Target Proportional (TProp) payout method.
Wankcoin mining for Wankcoin using Target Proportional (TProp) payout method.

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